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Barney Plush Singing 6 (irregular Mouth)

Baby Product - The toy comes in purple. I in fact liked that the item has the feature of playing "i love you" song, just like real barney singing a song in front of you. Other highlights include things like huge plush, 6" height and everybody loves barney. The Barney toy weighs close to 0.19 lbs.
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Consumer Rating Reviews 4 Stars
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Barney Plush Singing 6
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I Love You Barney Plush

Baby Product - Your small child may take the I Love You Plush pretty much everywhere. One of the key characteristics for this item is the cuddle up with the i love you barney plush doll. Other features consist of press his tummy and hear him sing. and barney singing plush is appox. 9" tall. The Barney toy dimensions are 5.6" Height x 10.8" Length x 6.5" Width. It weighs somewhere around 0.44 lbs.
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Consumer Rating Reviews 4 Stars
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I Love You Plush

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